Saturday, July 18, 2009

And then it thundered... Part II

Only when we reached the 'venue' did we realize we had to spend the next 6 hours in an open ground, with nothing but grasshoppers for company. There was an airshow going on, that Seby said would be fun. It was, for an hour, after which it got so slow we could've sworn it was the same pilot manning all those fighter planes, and still finding time to take breaks in between.

1 hour later...

Me: I'm bored.

Priya: Me too.

Nitya: Me three.

Seby: Stop it, I say! Hey look, here's F-22! Isn't it a beauty? Whoooooo.....

Me: It's about time. The pilot went home after F-18 or what?

Seby: Shut up, will you? Look look! Did you see him do the somersault? What a guy!! Man, this is frikkin' awesome!

2 more hours later...

"Heyyy!", I smiled at the cute girl in front of me. Back home, kids would either smile back or hide shyly behind their mothers. But here, they simply stare. And God forbid you smile for longer, the parents begin to stare too (the dad looked pretty strong, I noticed). "Uh, oh", I backed away and smiled at them, trying to assure that I just found their daughter cute, nothing else. They turned away and I sighed in relief. I looked up hopefully, found nothing. Looked around, found nothing. Looked within. Ha ha... no hope.

1 more hour (that seemed like ages) later…

Me: What’s taking these girls so long? I tell you, they want the best brand even for fries!

They had gone, upon public demand, to get some fries. We almost had to hunt for food last time, and it was their ‘turn’ now.

Seby: All your fault. You shouldn’t have given the click-happy idiots your cam.

Agreed, both of them are good at photography. Priya had also taken ‘classes’, and would click away at things from crazy angles and still make them look good. In fact, she got compliments on how she could make EVEN ME look good (rude, I know). But right then, we wanted food, not photos.

Seby: They’ll go around taking pics of everything, and get lost in the crowd.

Me: Good riddance!

Seby: I know… But what about the fries?

Me: Oh yeah...

WHIZZZZ! BOOOOOOOMMM!! We looked up to see the dazzle of fireworks.

Me: Oh no! The show has started! Where ARE these gals? What are they gonna do? How will they enjoy the show? How are we going to take pics?

Seby: Shusshh, ok? You’re getting on my nerves. They’re just test firing, that’s all. But these idiots better make it fast. Where ARE they?

Little did we know…

To be continued…


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  2. hello madam... was getting lime juice from the store behind our seat 'your hunt for food?' !!!

  3. had it thundered yet..??

  4. @nitya: let's not get into technicalities :P

  5. @thymadman: if u'd read it, u would've known :)

  6. idiots,riddance, fools, anything else left????

  7. btw aa divya ante hari priya

  8. @divya a.k.a. priya: lot more left, but it's all censored :P after all, what are friends for? :)

  9. when will it thunder again..??