Monday, November 9, 2009

Random, ironic and meaningless

High school passouts go to college while doctors are still stuck in school (Grad school. Whatever. Not fun.)

Rhett Butler is a rude, middle-aged flirt with a reputation so bad he's disowned by his family. He spends like crazy and eventually ditches his wife, yet almost every girl who's read Gone with the Wind has fallen for him. Crazy, right? Well... we look at it this way: he is frank, mature, charming, unconventional, spends like crazy on his woman, and now he’s single! ;)

Q) Does Cupid strike with thunderbolts?
A) Godfather only knows.

Song and dance sequences in Bollywood weddings are silly and unreal, but we’re cool with magic, superheroes, robots in love*, Neo’s stunts, green aliens, undead mummies (and oh! vampires) that go out of their way to defy gravity, quantum relativity (random high-funda word, but yes, that too) and mainly, reason.

Q) Random is Arthur’s daughter. Who is Arthur?**
A) A Random Generator (tee hee :D)

*WALL.E! The cutest sci-fi + animation movie ever :)
**The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - insanely funny!


  1. i loved this post esp the random generator joke :P
    and neo's stunts are a league apart... action sequences in indian films are sleazy!
    and most indian films are redundant in content.. the films/concepts that you mentioned maybe meaningless but what the heck, atleast they are original!

  2. thanks!!
    very true. desi action is so substandard it doesn't even need its own genre. change the music, throw in some garish costumes... and voila! an action sequence is now a dance :P it's amazing how they make do with the same expressions too!
    agreed, we take recycling to a different level altogether. same boy-meets-girl story, same boy, same girl. but we recycle crap and make it crappier, while Hollywood comes up with ways of making new crap :P

  3. on a more serious note (or a less trying-to-be-funny note), almost all the impossible things I've mentioned are the ones I like the most (especially magic and robots :))

  4. gone with the wind. "frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn". same guy ;)

  5. the book. the movie. now stop kidding me.