Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowed in

Day 1: Oh God, not again! I hate snow! I'm sick of it! Oh please go away and leave me alone!

Day 2: Thank God for snow!! Saved me 100 bucks... yippee! :) (long story involving rent checks, procrastination and snowstorms :|)

Day 3: Pleeeease let there be a snowstorm tomorrow... whatever it takes to cancel classes. God, are you listening...?

Day 4: Yay it's snowing! No classes today!! ...wait, what?! Only morning classes cancelled?? This is not fair, I say! I hate this! I hate snow!!

How selfish and fickle-minded I am.


  1. :P
    to want things to work to our advantage is all too human :)
    happy birthday, btw :)

  2. @Pixel: i'm dizzy at the superhuman speed i change my mind, though ;)

    @hydeous: i'll skip the science jargon (i know little of it anyway :P) and just say it reminds me of our canteen food... all cold and soggy and lumpy (now gimme some well-deserved sympathy, alright!)

    and thnx for ur wishes, both of u :)

  3. Hurrah it's snowing!! No classes, yayy!... woot?? Only morning classes cancelled? This is so unfair I say! I hate this! I HATE snow!!
    akkaa :O buddiga snow lo kuda clases pettamani cheppi clases ki velli chaduvko X-( :P :D ... tammudi lakshanalu okkati kuda raled neek :P


  4. akka jara blog ni colorful jey :-B