Thursday, December 30, 2010

An ode

A burst of light through sunkissed leaves
A dance of color on crystal reefs
A pattern of ripples the ocean weaves
I am miracle. I am beauty.

A resolute march across unknown land
A valiant pen in fate's reckless hand
The travails of doubt I boldly withstand
I am courage. I am duty.

A roar of wind swirling the skies
Towering waves that crash and arise
Embodiment of fire and ice
I am chaos. I am strife.

A wanderer’s quest for final abode
A leap of faith on an unseen road
A vista of mysteries I slowly unfold
I am a journey. I am life.


  1. nice imagination ! but, 3rd stanza is not that clear to me.

  2. awesome! keep blogging..
    you are under-utilizing your writing skills.. seriously ..

  3. thanks a lot for your comments and appreciation!
    @Deepan: I will :) But I still miss writing project reports ;)

  4. Excellent style and yes you do need to write more.

  5. Thank you tp! You sound quite familiar. Do I know you? :)

  6. What is life?

    The first para is like childhood... full of colors and joy... Second depicts an adult who is full of energy and wants to conquer the world... Third para insights about the mid life crisis and the ups and downs that we face... The final wise age where u unfold all the mysteries of life with the experience and knowledge that u during the journey called life!

  7. knowledge that u *acquire

  8. ah, this is very nice! Lots of interpretations, lots of deepness. Well done. Do more.

  9. Never stop writing..
    For the friends who like you,
    For the fans who admire you,
    For the strangers who look up to you.